Food & Drink

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    • Seasonal

      Enjoy your favorite seasonal specialties while the weather is right!

    • Pumpkin Pie Latté

      Pumpkin Pie Latté

      It's the fall classic that never stops giving. A delightful dessert latte to compliment the leaves changing, our Pumpkin Pie Latte is the perfect sweater weather accessory.

      • Fall
    • Toffee Butter Crunch Latte

      Toffee Butter Crunch Latte

      Oh. Yes. It's exactly what it sounds like.

    • Butterbeer Latté

      Butterbeer Latté

      The magic is back!

    • Brewed Coffee

      We brew all five blends daily. Bring Bene home with your favorite roasts available for purchase in 1lb bags. Need them ground? Just ask!

    • Jamaican Me Crazy

      A medium roast with a touch of vanilla and caramel added through the roasting process.

    • Decaf Vienna

      Our Decaf Vienna is a lightly balanced dark roast, simple with a fresh, deep taste.

    • Cafe Misto

      Made with your favorite brewed coffee and steamed milk.

    • French Roast

      This organic dark roast has a deep intense flavor, with a rich bold finish enjoyed to the very last drop.

    • Velvet Hammer

      A full-bodied Italian roast with a blend of sharp acidity and a smokey finish. This organic brew is a customer favorite.

    • Colombian Supremo

      A solid medium roast with a lighter taste while maintaining a strong finish.

    • Espresso Drinks

      All the classics with numerous options for customization, our espresso is our own name brand from a local Minnesota roaster.

    • Café Latté

      A blend of espresso and steamed milked, then lightly frothed. Mix it up by adding any one of your favorite flavor shots.

    • Cafe Mocha/ White Mocha

      Chocolate makes everything better.

      With dark and white versions, mix and match numerous flavors to make it your own.

    • Caramel Macchiato

      There's nothing basic about this classic.

    • Espresso

      A shot of espresso, perfect just as it is.

    • Espresso Macchiato

      Shots of espresso, topped with a dollop of froth.

    • Espresso Con Panna

      Shots of espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

    • Americano

      Espresso and hot water.

    • The Red Eye

      Your favorite coffee with shots of espresso. Power up.

    • Latte Miel

      Soothing and light. This smooth crafted beverage is sure to delight.

    • Cappuccino

      A frothy cup of milk steamed with creamy espresso. Light, airy, and textured just right.

    • Cool Beans

      These drinks are sure to refresh you on a warm day!

    • The Milly Chocha

      It's a 'chilly mocha'! See what we did there?

    • The Frisky Goat

      Named for the folklore of the discovery of the coffee bean, this concentrated coffee is certainly a local legend.

    • Iced Americano

      Cool off!

    • The Ice Cap

      This frappe drink will make you love iced coffee!


    • The Cold Con Panna

      Take the drama out of coffee and get back to basics.

    • Teas

      Earl Grey Rishi Tea Hand-picked with care and responsibly sourced from the folks at Rishi, we are sure our teas will soothe and delight.

    • Herbal Teas (Hot)

      A vast assortment of herbal teas where  being flavorful is just the beginning.

      • Blueberry Hibiscus
      • Chamomile Meadley
      • Tumeric Ginger
      • Tangerine Ginger
      • Peppermint
    • Black Teas (Hot)

      Wake up with our variety of robust and traditional black teas which include:

      • English Breakfast
      • Early Grey
    • Earl Grey Latte

      A British original steeped in fresh milk and soothed by notes of bergamot while retaining that classic Earl Grey form. Try it with a hint of vanilla to lift even the rainiest of days.

    • Iced Teas

      Pekoe Black or Blueberry iced tea. Both unsweetened.

    • Vitali Teas

      Need a little boost of energy to your Blueberry or Black Pekoe Tea? Try a Vitali Tea! Vitali Teas are made with a Vitality Energy Shot.

    • Chai Tea Latte

      Offered iced or hot, its refreshing and cozy all year round.

    • Green Tea (Hot)

      Jade Cloud

    • Wine

      A relaxing way to end your day. Our wine selection hosts house red and house white Spanish wines. Or a Piquitos Moscato if you're feeling sweet and bubbly. We also offer a delicious pairing of three wonderful desserts. A truly tasty experience.

    • Radio Boca Tempranillo

    • Radio Boca Verdejo

    • Piquitos Moscato

    • Bené's Specialty Menu

      We craft specialty drinks that aren't advertised as general menu items. Consider this our "secret" menu for the most dedicated Bené patron.

    • The Bené Freeze

      The Bené Freeze

      Finely crushed ice mixed with your choice of over 10 flavors. Mix flavors, match your favorite combos and sip on this sweet and simple summer treat.

    • Lavender Latte Miel

      Lavender Latte Miel

      A classic with an upgrade. Floral notes mix with sweet honey. Slow down and enjoy.

    • The Bené Sunrise

      The Bené Sunrise

      Bright and early, you can still wake up with out the caffeine. An energy shot mixed with orange juice stirs the morning up right to get you right for your day.

    • Fresh Fruit Smoothies

      Our smoothies are made with fresh fruit and fruit juice! Available in a small or medium.

    • Bené Boost Smoothies

      Red Gorilla

      Mango Madness

      Strawberry Lightning

      It's Berry Great

    • Smoothies

      Strawberry Splash

      Mango Mambo

      It's Berry Good

      Red Monkey

    • Bakery

      Our bakery items are baked fresh daily and right in our own kitchen!

    • Croissant

      Buttery and flaky goodness.

    • Turnovers (Apple or Cherry)

    • Cookies

      • Chocolate Chunk
      • M&M Chocolate Chip
      • Oatmeal Raisin Walnut
      • Seasonal Cookie: Snickerdoodle
    • Muffins

      Fresh and delicious, our muffins never cease to delight.

      • Blueberry
      • Lemon Poppyseed
      • Chocolate Chip
      • Banana Nut
      • Seasonal options change depending on the time of year
      • Bran Muffin w/ Raisins
    • Scone (Variety)

      Everyday should start off this sweet!


      Raspberry White Chocolate

      Apple Spice

    • Cinnamon Roll Variety

      A Cinnamon Roll decked out in cream cheese frosting or a caramel smothered Sticky Bun.

      The Cinnamuffin and Sticky Micky are cuter versions of their large counterparts.

    • Oatmeal

      Warm-up with some delicious Oatmeal! We've got four options to choose from:

      Vanilla Almond Crunch- Sweet vanilla, almonds, granola (Sweetened)
      Old School - Apples, Cranberries, Walnuts (Sweetened)
      Mostly Sunny - Apples, Cranberries, Cinnamon (Sweetened)
      Not Guilty - Apples, Blueberries, Chia Seeds (Unsweetened)


    • Sandwiches

      Breakfast is served!

      All our sandwiches are made by hand with the freshest ingredients.

      Customize them anyway you want with bread options of English Muffin,Croissant, Ciabatta, or a Bagel. A great way to start your day!

    • Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

      Waking up on the bright side has never been so easy!

    • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

      Always served hot and fresh!

    • Southwestern Breakfast Sandwich

      Ranch style breakfast for the right kick to your morning.

    • Greatest Breakfast Sandwich Ever!

      The vegetarian option for the discerning breakfast lover.

    • Turkey, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

      Eat lean and feel good!

    • Bene Bag Lunch

      Eat well on the go! Our fresh deli sandwiches come with the option of turkey or ham, as well as a bag of chips. Also add a banana, or an apple for a fresh fruit option.

    • Midwest Maple Breakfast Sandwich

      Maple flavor soaked in every bite!

    • Bottled Beverages

      We offer a variety of high quality, healthy bottled beverages.

    • Spring Grove Soda

      Locally sourced and made with pure cane sugar. Options may vary. See store for full selection.

    • Naked Juices

      Options may vary. See store for full selection.

    • Orange Juice & Lemonade

    • Sparkling Water & Bottled Water

    • Just For Fun

      Little extras for your day!

    • Benéshake

      Available as a vanilla or chocolate shake. You can also mix it up by adding any one of your favorite flavor shots.

    • The Bené Steamer

      For when you want a frothy sweet drink, but don't need the kick of caffeine. Steamed milk pairs with your choice of flavor shot. Our flavor options are vast so ask a barista for your favorite one!

    • Apple Cider (Hot or Cold)

      Apple cider is a classic drink hot or cold.

    • Italian Soda

      A customer favorite! Our Italian Sodas are made with sparkling soda and your favorite flavors.

    • Kiddy Cup

      Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider! A smaller portion for a smaller person.

    • Hot Chocolate