Coffee Card Balance

If you have our new style coffee card (12 digit card number instead of 14), you can check the balance by entering the card number and pin here.

See below for checking balances on older cards.

New Coffee Cards

Cards activated on or after July 1st, 2016 have a 12 digit card number and look like this:

New Coffee Card (front)

New Coffee Card (back)

Old Coffee Cards

If your card was activated prior to July 1st, 2016, you likely have one of our old coffee cards. These cards have a 14 digit card number and look like this:

Old Coffee Card (front)

Old Coffee Card (back)

Old coffee card balances cannot be checked online. Please call our corporate office at 952-927-2300, 8 AM – 4 PM, M-F (a live person will answer the phone). You can also contact us and we’ll look up the balance for you.