We Serve Awesome!

Stop in and see for yourself!

Our Mission

We will run the best coffee shop in the neighborhoods we serve by being welcoming, friendly and uncompromising in the quality of our products and service. We commit ourselves to an environment where we care, work hard, have fun and every customer leaves happy.

Our GREAT DRINKS are the buzz of the neighborhood!

We offer a huge variety of Espresso Drinks, from the Café Latté and Café Mocha to the refreshing blended Ice Cap. We brew five coffees all day, every day: French Roast, Velvet Hammer Blend (the neighborhood favorite), Colombian Supremo, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Decaf Vienna. We use only the highest quality Arabica beans and offer all available Certified Fair Trade and organic coffees.

Our GREAT FOOD can be enjoyed from early morning through late evening!

Most of our pastries and other goodies are baked right on site. There’s never a bad time for nibbling on a fresh Muffin, Cinnamon Roll, Sticky Bun, or one of our Gourmet Cookies. Our delicious sandwiches are made to order in our own kitchen.

Our GREAT SERVICE is provided by our friendly crew!

Led by one of our long time managers, Ericka, who loves coffee and this business, most of the people working at Coffee Bené grew up in the neighborhood. The baristas know their customers, whether those friends and neighbors are stopping in or passing on the street.

Our GREAT ATMOSPHERE is drawing fans from the entire metro area!

Coffee Bené is a perfect blend of warmth, comfort and quick service. We feature an original maple floor, with oak wainscoting, a double fireplace, leather easy chairs, unique antiques, warm colors, free Wi-Fi, and soft lighting. Stop in and see for yourself why we are not just another coffee shop.