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Care, Work Hard, Have Fun

The Motto for Good Coffee By: Emily Jukich Good coffee doesn’t just happen on its own. Sure, mother nature works hard to produce the wonderful little coffee cherry, but after it’s grown, the harvesting, the processing, the drying, the milling, the exporting, the tasting, the roasting, and finally, the serving are all done by human […]

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Friday Night Storytelling

The Storytellers are back! If you’re looking for something fun, unique and relaxing to do this Friday, come and join Richard Rousseau and his talented troupe of storytellers as they perform their original tales for a quaint audience. Have a glass of wine or just sit back with a good cup of brew and enjoy […]

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What makes Autumn so special?

Autumn arrives in gold. The brilliant colors of the leaves stand out against the melancholy backdrop of these low-sun days. There’s a crispness in the air as if the earth is snapping to attention, cracking like a fresh apple, while presenting a slow fade to winter. We snuggle in for comfort, sipping on lattes decorated […]

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