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Rewards Program

Are you a rewards member yet? This summer saw the launch of our brand new rewards program designed to give back to our loyal customers who’ve given so much to our small business. You drink coffee everyday, why not get rewarded for it? You earn points automatically on all your purchases, accruing to dollar amounts […]

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Summer’s Favorite Berries are at Bene

Summertime has been brazenly beating down on us as we near August. We’ve been kissing the heat by staying cool with dozens of new and favorite recipes all dedicated to summer’s favorite berries. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries all stun summer with bright festive colors and high doses of healthy features. It’s enough that they look […]

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Why it does good to drink well: Organic vs. Regular Beans

Coffee lovers are a picky bunch. We expect a specific taste, aroma, strength, and appeal to our favorite brews, while acclimating to a society which has become increasingly concerned with what we put into our bodies. Buzz words like “all-natural”, “organic”, and “sustainable” hold consumers attention, including where we are getting our coffee from. Eating […]

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