Coffee and College

Summer is winding down. I know, how dare I bring up such a thing! But the truth is, school has begun and fall is following closely behind. Students will be filing back on campus in droves as tank-tops are replaced with cozy sweaters and sandals are exchanged for boots. Despite the change in season, a cup of coffee in their hand never goes out of style. College students, no matter the state, the nationality, degree, or background, are consuming more coffee than they ever have before.

The most recent report from the National Coffee Association points to the typical college age group of 18-24 year old, as having steady increases in coffee consumption over the past decade. Edging from 48% of students drinking coffee beverages in 2016 to 50% in 2017. There is a marketed increase in coffee consumption by the younger age groups, contributing to the specialty coffee trend which has expanded in recent years. Summarizing all this lofty data, Bill Murray the president and CEO of the NCA states, “more of us are drinking coffee, and younger consumers appear to be leading the charge.” So why?

There has certainly been a noticeable shift for consumers in the 18-24 age group choosing coffee over other sugary caffeinated beverages. Coffee is quick energy for late night study sessions without the inevitable sugar crash associated with sodas or canned energy drinks. The shift coincides with our society as a whole becoming more health conscious. We are simply becoming more aware of what we are putting in our bodies. There are many health benefits to coffee which can be found in thousands of articles with a quick Google search. Decreased risk of heart disease, increased cognitive function, decrease risk of certain types of cancers, a healthy dose of antioxidants to name a few.

Another cause of the millennial love for coffee is the emergence of different social media brands gaining exposure for their product. Starbucks is probably the most well known coffee chain on the social media platforms. Other coffee shops, including us, have taken the cues to understand that coffee can taste good and be photogenic. Our society is one where coffee is as much an accessory as it is a tasty beverage. So it’s no wonder that millennials are leading the charge in coffee consumption.

Health conscious and trend conscious, the millennial age group of college students love coffee! If you’re one of them, come find us on the St Thomas campus. We are located in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey library. Whether you’re hunkering down for a 3-hour study session, or just popping by before you have to run to class, we’ve got you covered.


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