Care, Work Hard, Have Fun

The Motto for Good Coffee

By: Emily Jukich

Good coffee doesn’t just happen on its own. Sure, mother nature works hard to produce the wonderful little coffee cherry, but after it’s grown, the harvesting, the processing, the drying, the milling, the exporting, the tasting, the roasting, and finally, the serving are all done by human hands. Those little beans have gone through a lot before they reach your cup. To ensure you (the consumer) has the best experience possible, we have the responsibility to have the best people handling the coffee from cherry to cup.

Sounds like a lot right?

While we are not personally on the ground selecting the right cherries for the job, we select only reputable roasters who are Fair Trade certified. Where the fun begins is selecting the best baristas who create your favorite beverages. We have a motto at Coffee Bene: Care, Work Hard, Have Fun, and it is the formula we use for success at work and in life.

Baristas who work with us care. A barista who cares is someone who naturally pursues excellence in every aspect of their job. This doesn’t mean perfection. But it’s pretty darn close. We are the ones who make sure the crema on that espresso is beautiful every time in your latte. Grounds in the coffee? NO way. The truth is, it’s the little things that make the best cup of coffee for what it is. We know what good coffee tastes like, and we believe you deserve it.

Working hard almost goes without saying. Our baristas work hard. We are multi-tasking the minute our shift starts. It is easy to see the glamour in being a barista, making all these fancy drinks, surrounded by limitless amounts of coffee and scrumptious bakery. We don’t talk about the amount of times syrup sticks to our arms or face. We work through the morning even after burning ourselves on the steam wand. We work with machines, great feats of engineering, to create drinks for friends to fawn over and coffee snobs to brood over. We struggle through hard days with a smile that’s always for the customer. We do all this because we love our job. To be good at it, we have to work hard. Cause we know the pay-off is worth it.

*Our brand new shift lead Sarah, receiving her keys to the store! Congratulations Sarah*


We work hard to play hard. Having fun is arguably the most important part of what we do. Laughter is infectious, and ours spreads like wildfire throughout the shop. When we select baristas, we do a great deal to ensure they are just the right fit for our team. If you can’t have fun, work just isn’t worth it. Coffee isn’t boring, there’s no reason making it should be.

So next time that early morning rise has you jones-ing for fresh cup of brew, or you’re planning a meet-up with your dear friend, there’s a coffee shop right in your neighborhood who cares as much about the coffee as we do about the people making it. Our motto says so, but come see for yourself.