6 Reasons Coffee is the Greatest Gift

By: Emily Jukich

Any time of the year!

1. It’s the world’s most consumed beverage

In America alone, over 150 million people over the age of 18 consume coffee daily. This $200 billion industry is so vast, that finding an official number for worldwide coffee consumption was nearly impossible. Believe or not, Americans only fall in the 22nd place in the list of the top 50 coffee consuming countries in the world. Coffee is loved everywhere by billions of people.

Now, I could throw numbers at you all day, but that’s no fun. Here’s the point. Statistically speaking, someone you know loves coffee. One of the best things about coffee is the variety of roasts, flavors, designs (gourmet or brewed) available. So even if you’re not sure what they like, it’s a safe bet they like coffee in some form or another!

2.  Coffee is a common study buddy for students

Students today are busier than they have ever been. There is a constant impending “tornado of achievement” met with expectations for success in all areas of their daily lives. Between sports, classes, homework, holding a regular job to pay for university tuition, and the mountain of extra-circulars, having the energy to do it all seems next to impossible.

The gift of caffeine is something that would be more than well-received by a stressed out student in your life. It’s a rarity to see a student without a cup of coffee in their hand. Knowing millennials are the fastest growing consumers of coffee in the US as well as the majority of students on a college campus, students don’t just love their coffee. They NEED their coffee.

3. It’s actually good for you!

Scientists must love coffee as much as we do because they continue to produce research which shows the health benefits of drinking coffee. Trust us, it’s more than just black water. For one, it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. The effect on productivity and energy could be proven by individual taste testing, but scientists have proven results to confirm it anyway.

A quick google search with show the vast amount of studies and research gone into revealing coffee’s numerous benefits on the body and mind. When giving a gift, make it happy and healthy!

4. The “coffee date” is the new “let’s see a movie” (platonic or romantic)

If you’re like me, you don’t always get to see your favorite people as much as you’d like. Between all the commitments pulling on our attention, it is difficult to make time for the people that matter. When you finally do make that time, what are you most inclined to do? A movie is fun, but you can’t really talk to the person you’re with while the latest blockbuster is blaring in front of you. Going out to lunch or dinner is nice, but can be pricey for those of us with a tight budget.

If you’re meeting up with an old friend or combating nerves on your first date, the general consensus seems to be the more relaxed the environment the better. Coffee shops are a relatively low maintenance location where all you have to do is show-up, order your favorite drink and chat with the person you’re with. If you’re really looking to impress, offering to buy that other person their favorite cup of brew sets the right first impression.

5. Coffee shops have always been places for social gatherings

At their inception, coffee houses held a vital role in community gatherings where, as far back as the 1500’s, they were mainly established as venues for political activity. Historically speaking, coffee houses grew in popularity as communities applauded the seen promotion of sobriety the businesses offered. As time moved on, the drink itself became more versatile, more houses offering cream, sugars and other gourmet options as the preference for members of society to visit coffee shops only grew.

It’s no wonder that today, coffee shops are still seen as places for social gatherings in communities all throughout the world. Gifting coffee can be more than just buying them a bag of beans or a gift card. Bring your friend to your favorite neighborhood shop and watch the hours fly by as the two (or  three) of you sip and savor life’s little moments.

6. It’s affordable

You want to make the people you’re buying for happy, but you’re on a budget. Coffee can satisfy both. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably set a limit to how much you will spend on gifts. The truth is, you can decide how much or how little coffee you want to buy. Buy a bag for $16 and give the gift of fresh ground coffee for less than $20.

Are they a dark roast or a light roast person? Don’t know? Don’t worry! Gift cards are always available at any amount you’d like to add. You give an awesome gift, they choose how they want to spoil themselves! Everyone wins.